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This is a brand new group dedicated to awakened women in search of support, guidance and nurturing for you and your business. It is a group of like-minded genuine women from across the globe who are ready to step in to their full excellence and be the woman they were born to be! 

What is the Tribe?

It is a brand new business tribe (group) for the awakened woman and it is on facebook here:

Who Is It For?

It is for a woman with a conscious outlook on life, a big vision, a huge heart, a zest for life, and one who wants to be, or is already a positive influence and change in our world. It is for the change-makers and movers and shakers in our world. It is for the woman who wants to protect and enhance our planet and who cares about all of the beings upon it. A woman who dares to rise and face her own darkness, whilst shining a much bigger light upon it. It is for the free spirited but courageously ambitiously driven woman who knows she can make the much needed changes on our planet.

It is a lovely little place to be supported, inspired, empowered and nurtured, and surrounded by like-minded big hearted genuine women from across the globe.

It is a place to learn more about creating a wonderful heart centred business, and one where you can utilise all of the energetic tools to help your business be amazingly successful, whilst living life on YOUR terms. You’ll learn how to balance the physical and non physical realms and how these can catapult your project or business.

It is a place for you to be inspired, and to connect (both deeply into your self, and others), and to expand your potential and be the woman you was divinely born to be.

What’s Included?

Each week Jolene will be hosting a live weekly fb video INTUITIVE BUSINESS session where you can ask your questions about your business or business idea – perhaps where you are feeling stuck/any guidance you would like/or any thing related to business and your journey.

We will be uploading regular fabulous business tools to help inspire you and keep you on track (including visualisations, affirmations, meditations and printables!).

We are regularly going to be having 30 day challenges, as these work wonders in getting us the breakthroughs we desire, and you can have an accountability partner to help hold you accountable to actually creating these breakthroughs!

We will be hosting live meditations and visualisations which are super important as YOU are YOUR business!! – therefore, you must be filling yourself up regularly with all the good stuff before you keep giving it all away 

What do you need to do to join and get involved?



Have a look around the group, introduce yourself, have a look around at our content & connect with our wonderful women here and let us know who you are and what you do!