Upgrade your life in 2020! 


make 2020 *your* year to shine!

Join Jolene for her brand new 6 month intensive group mastermind starting January 2020

Unleash your divine inner power and give yourself permission to uplevel and upgrade your life! 

Are you ready to truly set yourself free from your bullshit excuses and limitations? do you feel like you keep holding back waiting until ‘the right time’ to create that project or dream business you keep desiring?

Are you always putting everyone else first, and hoping that one day someone will discover you or your talents?. Well my lovely, it doesnt quite work like that!. We very often make up a whole load of bullshit excuses to keep us stuck and playing small, even though we know we are meant for more!. 

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having BIG dreams and desires! if you have dreams, then they are there just for YOU! no one else can do what you can do, the way you do it!. 

This new monthly mastermind group is designed to bring forth your inner power, and to realign you to your true purpose. It will help you to unleash that inner wild creative side which may be hidden deep within you. It will connect you back to your own innate power and intuition. 

During the 6 months, you will learn how to;

 1. Tap into the unseen world and learn how to harness this incredible divine power which is within you and part of you.

2. Connect and be surrounded with like-minded women who are also ready to take that leap of faith and upgrade their life and business!

3. Get clarity on your goals for 2020, and create a solid plan. 

4. Have an accountability partner to ensure you deliver on your goals!

5. Enjoy TWO FULL DAYS in person with Jolene and the rest of the group, in one of the worlds most powerful spiritual hotspots, Glastonbury, UK to laser focus on your business and plan for 2020! (both dates to be confirmed upon booking)

6. Learn how to stay on track, focused and how to trust your intuition, and create your dream project or business under YOUR rules!

7. Receive exclusive access to 2 x online calls where Jolene will bring in her special handpicked guests to share their story and answer your questions!

8. Be surrounded by BELIEVING eyes and super support all the way through the 6 months! 

9. Enjoy 12 x online group calls using zoom throughout the 6 months 

10. Includes 1 x 60 minute 1-1 online power hour call with Jolene to laser focus on your desires and clear any blockages 



Who is this for?

She is a Goddess, a warrior, a truth speaker. She has a message to share with the world, but has got lost a little on the journey. She has been knocked by life, and has been brought to her knees many times, but she always manages to somehow get back up, and she yearns to give up this constant struggle as she knows deep down it can be much easier than this.

She has faith, but she struggles in fully believing in herself, and in the Divine/Universe/God/Goddess for she has felt let down all too often. She has, to some extent forgotten who she really is at her core, but she does FEEL her inner self whispering daily.

She knows there is MUCH more to her life than what she is currently living and expressing. She has felt tried and tested (to the core!) many times, and wants to know what life is truly about. She knows she has been here before, and that her time (in this lifetime) is for her to share herself and her journey, her vulnerability which is her core strength and thus is a beacon of light and strength in the world.

She struggles with some authority systems, especially those which are too often imposed by the old patriarchal systems which has surpressed her wild essence for too long.

She may seem quiet, even withdrawn perhaps at times, but usually she can put on a great front of being the ‘life and soul’ of any party (but deep down questions who she is and why she is here).

She feels pain, deeply, her own and others, and wants to help change things. She sees the truth and best in others very easily, but she doesn’t always see this in herself. 

She has a huge heart, and will give all of herself to those that need her help, sometimes at her own downfall but yet she will still keep giving.  She keeps going when she feels she has nothing left. She knows deep down that something bigger than her has a much bigger plan for her. She trusts this, even if only a little……

If this is you, come join Jolene and a wonderful group of like-minded women, to truly reclaim and ignite your divine power within you again. 

 Get ready to  feel your divine life force rising through you again, and reclaiming the truth of who you really are, and make 2020 YOUR YEAR TO SHINE!




£1200 for 6 months (or save £200 if paid in full at time of booking)

Can be paid monthly via payment plan £200 a month 

Here's what you'll get...

  • 2 x Full Group Days (10am-4pm) With Jolene and like-minded Women In The Heart Of Avalon (dates confirmed upon booking)
  • Blast through your resistance, old stories and limiting beliefs!
  • 12 x Group Calls Hosted by Jolene over the 6 month period
  • 1 x 60 Minute 1-1 online power hour session with Jolene to receive laser focused intuitive guidance for you and your business
  • Support and encouragement every step of the way and an accountability partner
  • Intuitive guidance and direct focus on empowering you and helping you blast through your current barriers
  • Reawaken The Divine Inner Goddess Within You And Reclaim Your Sparkle Once More!
  • Discover how energy affects us daily, and what to do to change it, and cleanse and clear all the muck which may have stuck to you over time
  • Access to Private facebook group just for the group
  • 2 x Special guests group calls sharing their stories and answering your questions!

Testimonials from Jolene's Clients

After 10 weeks of mentoring with Jolene I feel so inspired to go forward in ways I never thought possible. I approached Jolene for business coaching and I received so much more. She guided me to adjust certain aspects of my personal life in order to be able to focus more clearly on my business plan. Jolene’s intuition, guidance and knowledge come with great compassion, strength and caring to genuinely make a positive difference. Throughout this journey, especially when life has thrown me a few curve balls and I struggled to find the will to move beyond, I have always felt held and supported. It’s almost impossible to put in to words how incredible Jolene is and my confidence to be my authentic self and follow my dreams has been ignited by her. Not only that she is hilarious and makes this a fun experience!! Now I am going to one of her retreats and I am sure I will experience something quite phenomenal. Jolene is a truly gifted mentor and I cannot recommend her enough. 

Cinnamen Johnson | http://www.CinnamenJohnsonHolisticHealing.com

“Working with Jolene as my mentor has quite literally changed my life. Jolene is so insightful and knowing. With love and compassion she gently kicked my arse and helped me to make the most empowering decision of my life and find the courage to do it . Without guilt or fear. I let go of a situation that had held me back for many years. Now I am living my life my way and I am beyond excited for more that is to come. I am forever grateful Jolene. You are one very gifted and special lady.”

 Kay Kirkby, UK 

Jolene blends her highly tuned psychic abilities with practical steps and a no bullshit approach to move you out of stuck into action, while making you feel heard and supported. I found her approach insightful and effective.

 Jen Duchene | http://www.JenDuchene.com 

I have been lucky enough to have two VIP days with Jolene.  At the time of my first VIP day in 2015 I was working as a police officer, feeling very stressed and wanting to make the transition to my own coaching business.  I set a goal to leave by the end of the year and with Jolene’s guidance I achieved my goal and left the police later that year.  We worked on my business, allowing me to get clarity on my vision and purpose.  My second VIP day further clarified my business direction and I felt guided to create my own Oracle Deck.  I worked with Jolene on an intense mentoring programme and within 3 months I had designed and published my deck.  Jolene is an amazing mentor and after each session I feel energised and motivated and know exactly what action I need to take to get results.  Jolene is truly inspirational and I trust her business guidance implicitly.

 Sheila Kadeer | http://www.sheilakadeer.com

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