What people are saying about Jolene, her services and her oracle cards and book ‘A Reminder’

I bring this up here because I don’t want you to miss the value of what you are holding here. What wonderful Jolene has placed before you here is a tool; a terrific little device through which you might access, a little more easily, a level of wisdom that resides within you, and within all of us.” 

Afterword extract from Jolene’s book ‘A Reminder’

Neale Donald Walsch, New York Times Best Selling Author| http://www.NealeDonaldWalsch.com

“The Universe felt her sincere intention and responded shortly after take-off. She suddenly began writing, and did so nonstop for nearly the entire flight. During that time, much to her amazement Jolene recorded what is now the beautiful book you hold in your hands. She aptly named it Divine Reminders, and after sharing it with me I can honestly say it truly is a divine inspired work. This channeled work is profound, healing, practical, intelligent, and of the highest and most beautiful vibration.”


Foreword extract from Jolene’s book ‘A Reminder’


Sonia Choquette, New York Times Best Selling Author



 “What a wonderful reminder of our divine potential. I love using these cards and their messages daily. Jolene is as vibrant and loving as her message. I see her as a main upcoming spiritual teacher.”

 Lilou Mace, Web TV Host


Jolene has a heart of gold and this is actualised in her beautiful Reminder cards. The day I met Jolene I was fortunate enough to receive a pack of her Reminder cards, and have used them since with great joy. The messages are inspired, full of joy, motivation and divine light and I find them incredibly up-lifting. I would recommend anyone, no matter what their situation or circumstance to invest in Jolene’s Reminder cards , they are a great gift to yourself or your dear friends

Catherine Deane, International Fashion Designer 


Jolene’s intuitive readings are as good as they get. My husband and I have worked with a psychic/spiritual counsellor in world-renowned Cassadaga, Florida, for years, and she has been very helpful. Jolene’s work, however, is on another level altogether. We had two readings with Jolene a couple of years apart, and the major events she saw for us did, indeed, come to pass, even though they were way outside the realm of my husband’s and my imaginations for our future. The second reading was extraordinarily amazing, because Jolene completely read my deepest desires without my telling her any of them. Our sessions with Jolene have helped us both relax into the unfolding of Life, knowing that It is always conspiring in our favor!”

Annie Sims | Global Director, Conversations With God Advanced Programs, Author/Instructor CWG Online School, Conversations With God Life Coach

Since meeting Jolene in 2009, her oracle cards and readings have changed my life and help guide me down the right path. Amazingly looking back through the years, everything I have wanted and believed in has become a reality. It’s hard to stay focused and positive all the time, and that’s why I find her Oracle cards so useful. I use them everyday and they guide me in achieving what I desire. I also gave a deck to a good friend of mine (who was having a hard time at work and in her relationship) and within just two weeks of using her oracle cards everyday, she is stunned how things have turned around and how great she feels. They are simply amazing.”

Ruby Perry,  | Reality TV Star, ITV2 Girlfriends


“Caring, passionate and beautifully intuitive, combined with a clear understanding of the laws that govern our universe, Jolene has an outstanding personality that not only inspires but also brings clarity when most needed.” 

Ivana Basilotta | International Luxury Vegan Fashion Designer