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5 Week Online Kick-Starter Program

A powerful, intense 5 week kick-starter online mentoring program to help you get crystal clear clarity, intensely focused and ready to start rocking and feeling your radiant self again! 

This kick-starter 5 week mentoring package is primarily for those who may feel that they have lost their inner sparkle and ‘mojo’, and are looking to reignite it, and feel empowered once again. 

 I am able to help guide you to unblock what may have been holding you back, and what may have stopped you sharing your true divine light, or perhaps you have dimmed your light in fear along your journey. 

This could be because of some past trauma or experience, which may have ended up making you feel like you had been ‘defeated’ in some way in life, or perhaps you felt you just wanted to run away and isolate from the world. 

Using my intuition, my own personal life experiences and the vast experiences of helping my clients, let me help walk you through your transition, into reclaiming and recreating the absolute BEST version of YOU, and building your confidence, with the perfect tools, knowledge, and a certainty that you are truly stepping into your awesomeness, and reclaiming your inner sparkle. 

You may be going through some major changes in your life right now, perhaps job losses, no income, and relationship breakdowns, well NOW is your time to give yourself the gift of change. 

You are being asked to take a big leap of faith! You can make these real, long-lasting changes if you truly are ready. You are reading this for a reason I believe. It is your time to SHINE! 

During the 1-1 mentoring, I will help guide you and co-create a personal plan to help you move forward actively, towards your goals and dreams, and to breakthrough any barriers or blocks which may be presenting to you.

 Old wounds can potentially hold us back and stifle us, if we do not actively work on clearing them. We are all here for our own unique purpose, and we can truly remove and clear the past if we choose, and if we are willing to go deep and see what the cause of the wound originally stemmed from (it is not often what we first think it is!). 

Once we know what has been holding us back, there are various tools and techniques which I work on with you during our time together. This helps to remove old patterns, and to build new practices and develop a new way of being which will support you moving forward. 

Often our patterns are based upon old habitual programs we do not even see. These could stem back to childhood, or they could simply have developed via an experience which we perhaps didn’t know has caused us any inner turmoil. 

The great news is that YOU can turn this around, and I can help assist you, guide you and hold you to your highest truth to enable you to once and for all to take your power back!


Here's what you'll get

  • 5 x 60 Minute 1-1 Private Mentoring Calls With Jolene Via Zoom Audio (recorded and emailed to you)
  • Blast through your resistance, old stories and limiting beliefs!
  • Create a clear new vision and plan for you to move forward successfully
  • Support and encouragement every step of the way!
  • Intuitive guidance and direct focus on empowering you and creating new wonderful daily practices to support you moving forward
  • Continued Support and nurturing from Jolene throughout the 5 week mentoring

Testimonials from Jolene's Mentoring Clients

After 10 weeks of mentoring with Jolene I feel so inspired to go forward in ways I never thought possible. I approached Jolene for business coaching and I received so much more. She guided me to adjust certain aspects of my personal life in order to be able to focus more clearly on my business plan. Jolene’s intuition, guidance and knowledge come with great compassion, strength and caring to genuinely make a positive difference. Throughout this journey, especially when life has thrown me a few curve balls and I struggled to find the will to move beyond, I have always felt held and supported. It’s almost impossible to put in to words how incredible Jolene is and my confidence to be my authentic self and follow my dreams has been ignited by her. Not only that she is hilarious and makes this a fun experience!! Now I am going to one of her retreats and I am sure I will experience something quite phenomenal. Jolene is a truly gifted mentor and I cannot recommend her enough. 

Cinnamen Johnson | http://www.CinnamenJohnsonHolisticHealing.com

“Working with Jolene as my mentor has quite literally changed my life. Jolene is so insightful and knowing. With love and compassion she gently kicked my arse and helped me to make the most empowering decision of my life and find the courage to do it . Without guilt or fear. I let go of a situation that had held me back for many years. Now I am living my life my way and I am beyond excited for more that is to come. I am forever grateful Jolene. You are one very gifted and special lady.”

 Kay Kirkby, UK 

Jolene blends her highly tuned psychic abilities with practical steps and a no bullshit approach to move you out of stuck into action, while making you feel heard and supported. I found her approach insightful and effective.

 Jen Duchene | http://www.JenDuchene.com 

I have been lucky enough to have two VIP days with Jolene.  At the time of my first VIP day in 2015 I was working as a police officer, feeling very stressed and wanting to make the transition to my own coaching business.  I set a goal to leave by the end of the year and with Jolene’s guidance I achieved my goal and left the police later that year.  We worked on my business, allowing me to get clarity on my vision and purpose.  My second VIP day further clarified my business direction and I felt guided to create my own Oracle Deck.  I worked with Jolene on an intense mentoring programme and within 3 months I had designed and published my deck.  Jolene is an amazing mentor and after each session I feel energised and motivated and know exactly what action I need to take to get results.  Jolene is truly inspirational and I trust her business guidance implicitly.

 Sheila Kadeer | http://www.sheilakadeer.com

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Kick-Starter Mentoring With Jolene

This is for you if...

  • Are ready to make some big positive changes in your life
  • You have the time and energy to dedicate to this next leap in your life!
  • Are willing to make BIG changes, and take leaps of faith!

This is not for you if...

  • You are completely indecisive and won't make decisions
  • You don't have the time or energy to commit to the mentoring
  • You are not willing to change

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