Using Intuition In Business 

Trust your intuition

Using intuition has started to become increasingly popular in our modern day society, and not just in personal situations but within business too.

How often do you find yourself at a crossroads in your business, not knowing which move to make or which road to take? It happens a lot. The key to making the right moves, is to ensure you are listening to your inner voice; your intuition. Quite often we can disregard this inner voice and end up feeling bitter and regretful for not perhaps taking a step forward in the right direction, which may end up costing us a whole lot of money & pain.

Accessing your intuition and using this in your business can and is transformational. The key to a successful business is ensuring that you are allowing yourself time, to innovate and work on your business and not end up being a slave to it.

Your intuition is one of your greatest tools and assets and it will never let you down. Only you have your own answers within you, no one else.

Here are a few key tips on how to access your intuition & use effectively in your business;

  1. Be open to listening to your intuition

This is key. You have to be willing to actually listen to your intuition before you jump in. Being a complete sceptic will not help. By being open, it starts to gradually move you forward and open doors in the most surprising ways imaginable.

  1. Create time EVERY day to listen to your own inner voice and keep a notepad handy to write down any inspirational ideas or thoughts

Do you find that sometimes whilst you are at leisure, inspirational thoughts and ideas just ‘pop’ in seemingly out of nowhere?, this is your intuition speaking to you. Now imagine having access to this ALL of the time and not just when it randomly pops in. One of the key steps to allowing this, is keeping a notepad handy at all times so you can write ideas down as they come to you. Even if you don’t end up using them right away, it is useful to keep them for later.

  1. Learn to meditate & quiet your mind chatter

When we are running on anxiety and fear, we don’t hear our intuition. It’s important to take steps every day to quiet the mind. One of the best ways to do this is either a guided mediation, which you can either download or find on YouTube easily or to go for a walk. Exercise, even a gentle walk is refreshing and will help you clear out any worries or fears and help you come up with solutions.

  1. Ask the right questions

Instead of pondering on your worries or problems, start to ask empowering questions such as ‘what is my desired outcome to this situation?’ . Dwelling on the problems just keeps you in them.

Instead, allow your imagination to play a little and allow yourself to dream big. Your intuition loves imagination and this is where some of the greatest ideas and inventions come from, your imagination combined with your intuition.