How To Quickly Cleanse Your Energy

We regularly can pick up all kinds of crappy energy when we are out and about during our normal every lives!, it’s super important to regularly cleanse our energy! I’ve shared below some of my fav products that i use daily to make it super quick for you (and so you can also easily and quickly stay on top of your own energy!)

Here are some quick tips to get you sorted!; 

  1. Use cleansing tools (organic and pure when possible) such as sprays and oils to help clear your home and your own aura of any negativity. One of my fav’s is aura-soma’s (they ship all over the world) air conditioners in either white or red (I use these all the time!)
  2. Carry mini cleansing tools on you (I either usually carry a cleansing spray such as the mini air conditioners from aura-soma) and I also tend to carry starchild purification oil (they are based in Glastonbury and ship all over). The starchild protection oil is also fantastic and they are only about £6!! well worth having this with you at all times as it really is powerful.
  3. Protective Bubble – before you leave your home in a morning, imagine a beautiful bright protective bubble all around you, and that absolutely nothing can get through this bubble apart from pure love. It is simple, but can be very effective at keeping negativity away!
  4. Salt Bath! – Take regular salt baths! – run a nice perfect temperature for you bath, and put in a handful of bathing salts such as epsom or seasalt. Relax in the bath and imagine the bathsalts cleansing all you and your aura. You’ll know when it’s cleansed as you’ll feel the difference! you can also add a couple of drops of lavender essential oil but always check the labels and if you have any allergies first because if you have sensitive skin it’s a no go!