Foundations For Building A Solid Spiritual Business

I personally believe that when we have our business built upon rock solid foundations, it means that it has a much greater chance of not only surviving the first fundamental early few years in business, but it enhances the thriving of the business as a whole.

Spiritual Business Clarity Exercise;

When looking to create a solid foundation in business, whether you are already established within your business, or if you are just starting out, I recommend asking yourself the following questions and then write down your answers;

  1. What is my business? (what services/products do I supply or wish to supply?)
  2. Who am I, and what is my role? (getting clear on who you are as a person is essential. If you are healer at heart, but you are too scared to share that with people, NOW is the time to claim who you are!)
  3. What is the vision of my business? (what would you like to contribute within our world? What would you like your overall big vision to be?)
  4. What are my core personal values? (what is most important to you? It is transparency, truth, integrity for example?)
  5. How can I serve the world using my talents and gifts right now? (we always have something to share, no matter how seemingly small, make a list of everything you can use right away)

By asking yourself these questions, it will give you a clearer insight into what you are building. When you are in business, YOU are your business! You represent your company and your brand in all that you do.

Personal Values

Understanding our own personal values and applying them in our business is key. If your top values are for example; integrity, truth and transparency, then ensure that you apply these in every area of your business. Values play such an enormous role within our life, and ultimately our business too. It will be extra useful in future knowing your values clearly, because you will then know as a business owner, who you wish to co-create with, and do they share similar values to you. Have you noticed how you are drawn to particular products and businesses yourself? Have a look behind the products and businesses – what is it about them that draw you in? What do they represent? Use this as a base to get clear on your own core values.

Business Vision Meditation

I would highly suggest taking some alone time to contemplate the visioning process of your business. If you have a favourite candle, use this to create an ambient atmosphere, and set your intention beforehand. Your intention can be something such as ‘I now create a beautiful tranquil state of mind, to enable me to see accurately my vision for my business, and for me to serve the world in the most beautiful ways’. I suggest that you have a pen and paper/book handy, and write down any ideas which may flow to you. Focus on service, on being of great value to the world, by using your gifts and talents. Ask yourself who you can help right now, and what can you use right now to help people who have already showed up in your life.

Note; it is too easy to ‘put off’ taking action for fear of failing, this is our ego’s way of stopping us sharing our gifts and services with the world, and keeping us small! There are always people we can help right now – not later, but now. This is key when starting out in business. Things do not have to be perfect! Just take the small inspired action, and the baby steps will start turning into much bigger steps!