About Jolene Trister

Jolene Trister (was Setterfield) is the Editor and Creator of Raw Real Being Magazine (& Podcast) A new mind, body and business magazine designed to inspire and empower. Steve Trister, (Jolene’s husband) is the Podcast Creator and Host.  

Jolene and her husband Steve are both vegan and passionately believe in compassion and kindness to all living beings. She lives in Somerset with her husband and son, their doggie and they recently adopted and rescued factory farm chickens. 

Raw Real Being Magazine was established in December 2017 as a test pilot, and due to it’s initial success during the trial run, it is now a FREE monthly magazine as of September 2018. Raw Real Being Magazine has readers as of November 2019 in 58 countries worldwide and features hand picked experts from the mind, body and business sectors. http://www.RRBMag.com

Jolene is also an Intuitive Business Mentor, Author, Writer and Entrepreneur and works with women from across the globe, helping them to create and build their dream business and products. 

Jolene was a regular featured guest on Sky Psychic TV Channel 886 during 2011, 2013 & 2014. She has also been featured in various national and international magazines, blogs and newspapers – please see press section for more information. From 2011 to 2017,  Jolene was a regular blogger for the popular global Huffington Post and she was a writer and blogger for the popular UK Soul & Spirit Magazine which also featured Jolene’s own monthly column. 

Jolene has spoken at various different events both in the UK, USA and Europe including; EBS Hollywood, (Women’s Entrepreneur Event) Los Angeles, USA, 2011, The Vitality Boutique Show, Kent, (UK) 2012, The Vitality Show, London (UK) 2013, BSSK Mind Body Spirit March 2013 Elsecar, (UK), April & October 2013 Manchester (UK). In September 2012, Jolene was invited to speak on the Activia Expert Stage at the Vitality Boutique Show, where she presented her talk called ‘7 Steps On Using Your Intuition’. She spoke on the Expert Stage at The Vitality Show at Earls Court, London (UK) in March 2013, and she has regularly spoken at various Mind, Body & Spirit Shows across the UK. She flew to Croatia to host a sunset meditation on the wellbeing island Obonjan in July 2017. 

Jolene has featured on a variety of both national and international talkshow radioshows, and WebTV shows. Jolene spoke at the IGNITE National Entrepreneur’s Women’s Conference in November 2012, and she was also shortlisted for a national award for Business Growth in 2012

Her first book ‘A Reminder’ launched in April 2012, and it was published by Balboa-Press (the self publishing division of Hay House) in the USA and UK. Both New York Times Best Selling Authors Neale Donald Walsch and Sonia Choquette have endorsed the book ‘A Reminder’. The book was based on Jolene’s oracle card deck ‘The Reminder Cards’ to help enhance one’s intuition.  

See below for photo’s of Jolene speaking at various events. 

Photo's Of Jolene Speaking At Various Events

BSSK Event, The Monastery, Manchester

"meeting you was the highlight of the event for me..I didn't get a chance to say goodbye but i just want you to know it was a real pleasure to meet you, thank you jolene, you are a beautiful person and I loved your down to earth delivery style in your workshop " Linzie Hogan

BSSK Event, The Monastery Manchester

"Thank you for your talk yesterday, it was inspirational xx" Tracey Martin

IGNITE, National Women Entrepreneurs Conference, Birmingham

"Really enjoyed your talk Jolene and at last the bitch slap got me to listen... big changes taking place right now. Lots of love " Nadine Honeybone

BSSK Event, Elsecar

"Really enjoyed your talk on Saturday and got so much out of it, Jolene. Thank you so much for sharing your gift with me xx"

IGNITE, National Women Entrepreneurs Conference, Birmingham

"You were so amazing on stage and off, thank you for all the clearing work you did on Friday evening, the change was incredible" Joanne McCormack

IGNITE, National Women Entrepreneurs Conference Birmingham

"Loved hearing you on stage. And I your cards. Thank you so much xx" Gill Potter

IGNITE, National Women Entrepreneurs Conference, Birmingham

"Loved your talk, Jolene - you didn't just get a message across, you entertained. Thank you!" Helen Blenkinsop

IGNITE, National Women Entrepreneurs Conference, Birmingham

"Really enjoyed listening to you and love the cards." Jacqui Malpass

IGNITE, National Women Entrepreneurs Conference, Birmingham

"you were amazing! so so so glad you were able to join us!" Michelle Clarke