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Jolene is an International Intuitive, Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker and Author of her book, ‘A Reminder’ published by Balboa-Press, in April 2012. Jolene is a Columnist and blogger for the UK’s popular Soul & Spirit Magazine and she is also now a regular blogger for the world’s leading Huffington Post. Jolene was a regular featured psychic, on the popular Psychic Today, TV Team, UK Sky TV Channel 886 throughout 2011, 2012 and 2013.

*Jolene’s viber public chat platform is now in the Top 10 most popular public chats within Vibers Lifestyle category.

Jolene is a third generation International Psychic/Intuitive, Author, Writer, Motivational Speaker and Entrepreneur. She teaches worldwide on being open to using our own intuition.  She is now a regular blogger for the popular global Huffington Post and she is a writer and blogger for the popular UK Soul & Spirit Magazine which now also features Jolene’s own monthly column.

Jolene has featured on UK’s Sky TV as she was a regular featured guest on Sky Psychic TV Channel 886 during 2011, 2013 & 2014.

Her first book ‘A Reminder’ launched in April 2012, and it was published by Balboa-Press (the self publishing division of Hay House) in the USA and UK. Both New York Times Best Selling Authors Neale Donald Walsch and Sonia Choquette have endorsed the book ‘A Reminder’. The book was based on Jolene’s oracle card deck ‘The Reminder Cards’ to help enhance one’s intuition. The Reminder Cards (also known as Divine Reminders), have been selling across the globe since 2010. The oracle cards have now also been made into a free app on the iTunes store, available on all IOS devices.

Jolene has featured on a variety of both national and international talkshow radioshows, and WebTV shows. Jolene spoke at the IGNITE National Entrepreneur’s Women’s Conference in November 2012, and she was also shortlisted for a national award for Business Growth in 2012.

In September 2012, Jolene was invited to speak on the Activia Expert Stage at the Vitality Boutique Show, where she presented her talk called ‘7 Steps On Using Your Intuition’. She spoke on the Expert Stage at The Vitality Show at Earls Court in March 2013, and she regularly speaks at various Mind, Body & Spirit Shows across the UK.

She has a growing database of fans, including celebrities worldwide.


In May 2017, Jolene created a brand new non-profit platform called Raw Real Being. The platform is to be a place of inspiration and nourishment for the mind, body and soul, with featured guest writers and interviews from influencers and teachers within the mind, body and spirit sector. More info coming soon!



This is the app version of Jolene’s oracle card deck Divine Reminders (also known as The Reminder Cards). On this interactive app, designed for use on the iPhone and iPad, you will be able to give yourself accurate readings as often as you desire. The app consists of a ‘Random Card’, ‘Hand of Cards’ and ‘Days Ahead’ giving you a detailed reading for the next 5 days.

The app features apples well known ‘shuffle’ feature, where you are able to shuffle the deck of cards to ensure you receive different guides each time. The app has been made into a ‘light’ FREE version and the entire full card deck. For more information and release dates, please email us directly at

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“I bring this up here because I don’t want you to miss the value of what you are holding here. What wonderful Jolene Setterfield has placed before you here is a tool; a terrific little device through which you might access, a little more easily, a level of wisdom that resides within you, and within all of us.”

— Neale Donald Walsch,

New York Times Best Selling Author

Jolene Setterfield’s intuitive readings are as good as they get. My husband and I have worked with a psychic/spiritual counselor in world-renowned Cassadaga, Florida, for years, and she has been very helpful. Jolene’s work, however, is on another level altogether. We had two readings with Jolene a couple of years apart, and the major events she saw for us did, indeed, come to pass, even though they were way outside the realm of my husband’s and my imaginations for our future. The second reading was extraordinarily amazing, because Jolene completely read my deepest desires without my telling her any of them. Our sessions with Jolene have helped us both relax into the unfolding of Life, knowing that It is always conspiring in our favor!”

— Annie Sims,

Global Director, CWG Advanced Programs
Author/Instructor, CWG Online School
Conversations with God Life Coach

“The Universe felt her sincere intention and responded shortly after take-off. She suddenly began writing, and did so nonstop for nearly the entire flight. During that time, much to her amazement Jolene recorded what is now the beautiful book you hold in your hands. She aptly named it Divine Wisdom, and after sharing it with me I can honestly say it truly is a divine inspired work. This channeled work is profound, healing, practical, intelligent, and of the highest and most beautiful vibration.”

— Sonia Choquette

“My session with Jolene was quite profound, touching upon a painful memory which had all but been buried. What an emotional release! Together we were able to free – and then transform – this blocked energy to actually support me going forward. There is a truth to the saying ‘You don’t know what you don’t know’ – and that is why it is so important to bring in coaches and guides to help you on your personal journey of growth and transformation. I would highly recommend that you experience a session with Jolene.”

— Rachel Elnaugh,

Entrepreneur, Star of BBC TV’s Dragons’ Den, Business Mentor and Transformational Coach

“Since meeting Jolene in 2009 her oracle cards and readings have changed my life and help guide me down the right oath. Amazingly looking back in the years everything I have wanted and believed in has become a reality. It’s hard to stay focused and positive all the time and that’s why I find her Oracle cards so useful, I use them everyday and they guide me in achieving what I desire. I also gave a good friend of mine who was having a hard time at work and in her relationship and within just two weeks of using her oracle cards everyday she is stunned how things have turned around and how great she feels. They are simply amazing.”

— Ruby Perry,

Reality TV Star, ITV2 Girlfriends

“What a wonderful reminder of our divine potential. I love using these cards and their messages daily. Jolene Setterfield is as vibrant and loving as her message. I see her as a main upcoming spiritual teacher.”

— Lilou Mace’,

Inspirational WebTV Host

“Jolene has a heart of gold and this is actualized in her beautiful Reminder cards. The day I met Jolene I was fortunate enough to receive a pack of her Reminder cards, and have used them since with great joy. The messages are inspired, full of joy, motivation and divine light and I find them incredibly uplifting. I would recommend anyone, no matter what their situation or circumstance to invest in Jolene’s Reminder cards , they are a great gift to yourself or your dear friends.”

— Catherine Deane,

International Fashion Designer

“Working with Jolene has been like therapy on speed – she has guided me  through removing blocks, fears and resistance to who I really am and what I’m here to do. Using a mixture of the divine guidance she has access to and her own experience, she has helped me accelerate the transformation I had started to the point where I am now ready to step out into the world. She hasn’t allowed me to hide behind fears, and has pushed me (or if you prefer it – kicked my ass) to get off the fence and start doing what comes naturally – what is important to me, what has helped me – she has got me to look at my story – what I’ve learnt and what I can teach. An amazing 5 weeks – thank you!”

— Anna Radford-Watt,

Client of Jolene’s Personal Mentorship Programme

“The reading was the best things I’ve ever done. It helped me move forward within my life just not on a day to day basis, but helped me look up to the future. It helped me grief in the best way for me and made worries and anxieties i had easier to deal with. Just hearing the stuff you was telling made brought an emotional feeling i cant describe apart from an amazing sense of well being calmness and I didn’t feel frightened anymore. It’s a great feeling to know that the person that came through to me is here with me and to 100% believe that is amazing! Everything said was absolutely accurate even when some thing didn’t add up then they certainly did when I got home and the days and weeks that have followed – All I can say is thanks!”

— Helen Hunter

“I have to say the hour I spent with you changed my life for the better. Your insight and guidance delivered me confidence and abundance. Initially I was not sure of the what make of it. With time things started to unfold and it all made sense. Thanks especially for the tip on unexpected cheque.”

–Benedict Kiwanuka

“As part of my daily spiritual practice I enjoy accessing the most magnificent set of guiding inspirations from Jolene Setterfield’s card deck. Beautifully created, gorgeously illustrated, they are a gift to this world. Buy some for yourself and those you love. Simply Divine.”

— Kath Temple

CEO, The Happiness Foundation

“I am thoroughly enjoying your cards and using them continuously! I want to share with clients, family and friends. “The Reminder Cards” are genius. Bless you! The guidance they deliver is fabulous.”

— Baeth Davis

“I believe that everyone on this planet is starting to awaken to realise that LOVE is the answer to all our problems in the world big and small, I believe some individuals have awakened a little earlier than others to inspire them to do the same, Jolene is most certainly one of them and her readings are inspiration to live from the heart. IT’S ALL ABOUT THE LOVE and she knows this.”

— Anthony Lowther

“Wow! Wow! Wow! I’ve just come off the phone after a reading with Jolene and my energy is quite simply off the scale. Jolene is clearly guided and highly spiritual yet grounded and practical and so easy to listen to. Her messages for me were super strong, incredibly insightful and I now have a clear direction to go in. Her guidance is also backed up by her wonderfully powerful Reminder Cards, so now I will have a little piece of Jolene wherever I go!”

— Lucie Bradbury

Founder of Damsels in Success & Female Potential Expert


Management: ASM Talent, London


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